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Workzone Cargo

Cargo T legs are stylish and strong.  The T design enables maximum legroom especially when they are used in Linear- style layout.  Cargo features an inbuilt cable tray. The size range is 2400 x 900 in straight desk and 2400 x 2400 in the corner arrangement.  
Standard colours are silver and/ or  white.  Top finishes from the Laminex Commercial range with abs edge.
Workstations are manufactured in Sydney and GECA certified. 
We can customise the Cargo design to suit most applications. If you are looking for freestanding or screen based, the Cargo option will accommodate your needs.

Desk Styles 





Technician Adjustable Legs
Monitor Arms

Standard Examples

120o Three Way Cluster
  • Workstation Dimensions 1500x1500x750mm
  • Screens: 1500x800mm
Price: $445 per person
Optional Services: $150-220 per person depnding on options
Four Person Cluster:
  • Workstation Dimensions 1800x1800x750mm
  • Screens: 1800x800mm with services ducted through screens
  • Sercives: 4 GPOs, 2 Data and Cable basket per person
​Price: $950-1250 per person
8 Way Cluster
  • Workstation Dimensions 1800x2100x750mm
  • Mixture of 1800mm and 2100mm wide screens
  • Screen hung shelf
Price: $1080-$1250 per person
Optional Services: $150-220 per person depending on options 
Optional Power pole (shown): $200-240 depending on specification
6 Way Bench Style Cluster
  • Workstation Dimensions 1800x800mm
  • Screens 1800w x 1350h
  • 2 screen hung shelves per workstation
Price: $990-1200 per person depending on screen configuration 
Optional Services: $150-220 per person depending on specification
Optional Power Pole (shown): $200-240 each depending on specification
Optional Monitor Arms (shown): $150-450 each depending on level of adjustment & configuration
Optional Mobile Pedestal (shown): From $199
Available Finishes
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