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Monico Rail

The Monico is the first-ever workstation introduced in Australia
with a unique rail system designed to increase the levels of
mobility, adaptability and functionality needed in the workspace today.

The unique leg design allows for easy side-by-side comfort with
no supports getting in the way and creating unnecessary
barriers to a cohesive working environment.
GECA approved.

Leg Styles




Dual Composite


Storage Box

Monitor Arms

Planter Box

USB Outlet

Retro Lamp

Enthernet and Power Outlet

Storage Box 2


Acrylic Screen

Ply Screen

Fabric Screen

Slide on Screen

Standard Examples

120o Three Way Cluster
  • Dimensions 1200x1200x800mm
  • Beam, screens, flap for services
  • Enclosed leg frame
Price:   $1300-1700 per person depending choice of finishes and complexity of services
120o Six Way Cluster
  • Dimensions 1200x1600x800mm
  • Beam, screens, flap for services 
  • Enclosed Leg
​Price: $1300-1700 per person depending choice of finishes and complexity of services
Executive Office Desk and Return 
  • Dimensions: Desk - 2100x800mm , Credenza - 2100x600x650
  • Beam for services
Price: $2100-3000 depending on finishes and configuration of services and storage
6 Way Straight Cluster
  • Workstation Dimensions 1800x800mm
  • Screens: 1800x500mm
  • Services held under desk with cable scoop for access
Price: $790-1050 per person depending on finshes and complexity of services
Available Finishes
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